Sales Managers

There are only FIVE REASONS why a member of your sales team will fail to elicit a favorable buying decision from a qualified prospect of your product (or service) offering!

THE GAP (problem):

Most real estate agents are unaware of the FIVE CRITICAL MISTAKES that consistently lose them business from qualified prospects who otherwise would have bought.

These mistakes include:

  1. FAILURE to fully comprehend your client’s problem (gap)
  2. FAILURE to communicate a viable solution (bridge) to your client’s problem
  3. FAILURE to differentiate your property or service offering
  4. FAILURE to align with your client’s decision making needs
  5. FAILURE to overcome your client’s fears and/or positional differences

When you ELIMINATE these five critical failures you dramatically
INCREASE your win rate!

In this training series your sales team will learn…

  • A six-step client interview process that accurately and professionally uncovers the client’s product or service gap
  • A presentation structure to effectively communicate the ideal product or service solution in a way that convinces logically and inspires emotionally
  • How to design and deliver your sales presentation in a way that aligns with the client’s unique decision-making needs
  • How to effectively differentiate your product (or service) offering in a way that supports the client’s desired reality outcome
  • How to recognize and respond to the three conditions that decelerate the forward momentum of any client transaction

Our clients testify that when their sales professionals apply the skills and insights from the Engage BRILLIANTLY Training Series when presenting their product or service offering to the market … they win 80% – 90% of the business they pitch for … even in competitive business environments

A few testimonials from fellow Sales Managers…

My sales team now uses the Gap Analysis Sales Model© in all our sales presentations. I am pleased to tell you that we have won virtually every piece of business we have gone after since the training. One of my biggest competitors recently contacted me in complete frustration and asked, “What are you doing to win all this business?” I told her, “IT IS MY SECRET!
Monika R.
Sales Manager

Prior to your training our office pitch conversion rate was 4 out of 10. Since putting the Gap Analysis Sales Model © into practice our success rate has jumped to a 90% conversion.

James Y.
Sales Manager

When it comes to training in sales and negotiation, there is simply no one better than Gerald Clerx. Gerald has trained my brokers on several occasions both here in the USA and abroad and the results are profound and measurable. In addition to the skills transfer in his courses, they are high energy, interactive, and above all…fun. It is with pleasure that I recommend Gerald to any organization looking to improve the skills of their people.

David P.
Sales Manager